We usually attend Hackathons to create something to help the community. We've created projects from helping deaf people to little kids facing doctor visit anxiety. That's why UVAhacks themes were really interesting to us, they gave us a new outlook on improving the community through safety, empowerment, and the equality among all individuals. We chose to focus on three groups which are the Elderly, Disabled, and Veterans. Our system also targets other users but is most useful to these age groups. We wanted to give them the physical and emotional security of being safe in their home. To be able to feel relieved when at home and not worry about intruders. We wanted to empower them by breaking the barricades they face in everyday life and the tools to succeed. We also used the equality factor among the social classes between the groups we selected. Many of the disabled faces problems fitting into society, as well as the elderly and veterans. So we gave them tools to integrate more into society to be like the rest of us. The main inspiration is the end product that comes from helping the community, the feeling that you've contributed something great that helps someone out there

What it does

Safety: We have a security doorbell system that utilizes facial recognition in assisting the elderly, disabled, and veterans on distinguishing on who's at the door. When someone rings the doorbell, the camera takes a picture and sends it to the raspberry pi server. Which produces a name from the friends database, facebook friends, and check the criminal database. This is all pretty quick and the user gets their name or status and a notification on their phone with the picture. We also have a necklace that has a single button on it, if that button is pressed, it will create an alarm and notify the emergency personel. Empowerment & Equality: We empower the veterans who may suffer from PTSD but having Alexa acts a personal psychiatrist for free. It checks on your mood and usual actions. It has different modes and utilizes conversation AI and dialogue to communicate with the user. We also have a web scraper that checks twitter for cool reports and tweets about veterans and how they impact everyone around them. This provides a boost of morality and mood to users. We also empower disabled, specifically, the visually impaired by giving them the tools to succeed in society and bridge the social gap. We created an object detection mobile app that will detect whatever is in front of you and alert you of what it is.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into challenges integrating the safetrek api due to the fact that we had to build our own python wrapper to get it to work with the raspberry pi server. We also had couple of Oauths running so there was a bit of confusion.

We also had trouble getting iPhone taken pictures to integrate with the Core machine learning library provided by Apple

We had trouble getting the camera to capture facial features clearly to determine person.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of getting it to work in the end. We wanted to create a system that will be accessible, simple, cheap, and efficient to the users. Throughout the 24 hours, we worked tirelessly and if won or not, we are proud what we made. It's better than all the other projects we created.

What I learned

We learned a lot about the Core Machine learning library provided by apple and how to use it to detect objects. We learned about the SafeTrek api and how it can be utilized to create alarms to emergency personel.

What's next for Barricades Lifted

We are hoping on making everything available for everyday users and for free. This is would be the ultimate end goal and it would bring lots of happiness to us, the creators, and the users. It definitely helps to bridge the social equality gap, empowers different user groups, and provides physical/emotional security.

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