Inspiration: As watching live streaming video platform becomes more popular, we do find chatting with other audience online is also of fun. As a result, we decide to add more functions to barrage which are generated from others' comments. Moreover, lots of audience in China buy virtual gifts for their favorited anchors, such as rockets, cars etc., which are equal to a specific amount of real money. Our group members agree on a saying -- "What is taken from the people is used in the interests of the people." Therefore, we start to design an online game called Barrage Game which allows audience to share dividends from gifts.

What it does: We simulate a real live streaming video platform which enables audience to send barrages and communicate with anchors more interactively. Each audience has a rocket which could destroy the barrages sent by others and attack anchor's gift. If the gift's life is reduced to zero, this audience could share part of gift with anchors. The barrages protect gifts from damage and the level of protection is related to gifts' value. Also, websites could gain more money from this schematic. We treat this game a good way to attract audience and earn more money.

How we built it: We used C++ to initialize three main classes: User (rocket & bullets), Gift, Barrage. We judged whether a bullet met with a barrage by checking the distance between their centers. If the distance is shorter than the sum of the radiuses, the barrage is eliminated. When a gift is hit, its stamina goes down and audience's money increases accordingly. When the gift's stamina reaches zero, the audience get a maximum share of money. Yet once the gift flies out of the screen, the game stops.

Challenges we ran into: 1. When we design the mechanism of our bullets, we do meet a great challenge of bullets' track. If a bullet attacks a barrage, it may leave an obvious track on the screen if this barrage disappears.

  1. We have no authority of getting access of a streaming video platform and we also do not have enough time to make one on our own.

Accomplishments that we're proud of : 1. Great teamwork 2. Successfully simulated the environment of a true streaming video platform.

What we learned: Bugs are everywhere in real world.

What's next for Barrage Game for Live Streaming Video Platform: Maybe we could get contact or coordinate with a live streaming video platform. We are expected to build html versions more easily.

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