As students seeking to better prepare ourselves to work in industry, we saw the lack of opportunity for students to gain hands on experience with real world work. Yes, there are internships but it's not always so easy to land them and often times, the positions result in work that might not be relevant to the field students want to pursue. Our platform is to give students the opportunity to work on real on-going projects by companies. This allows students to gain experience on what a typical project pertains to in the real world, as well as help companies find solutions they may not have or assist in locating potential students they want to hire and complete the projects.

What it does

The platform allows for companies to log in and post their projects. Each company name will have posts with a lists of their projects, linking to their project pages. Here, students can find what the company already has completed, as well as what the company is looking to be built. Students can see what the companies look for in their production projects, learning new tools, frameworks, coding style, etc. Students may attempt to solve the problems and submit their possible solutions on the project pages, along with their contact information. Companies can see their solutions and reach out to discuss possible ideas, other solutions, potential partnerships and such.

How we built it

We used Flask as our web framework. With this framework, we used html post get requests with python for our functionality and web features. Each new page is created for companies and projects created using Mark Down files. We then hosted it on Google Cloud Platform and sent confirmation emails using Send Grid's email api when users submit their project files.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was getting a viable solution to a problem that we felt was appropriate. From there, building our application to match our vision for the solution was the next biggest challenge. Building the application is easier said than done. Learning the technologies and trying to piece them together is always a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're most proud of our user interface. Though not the most refined and complete, we were very happy with the appearance and user experience we were able to develop with it.

What we learned

We learned how to use many technologies new to us, such as Flask for a framework, Google Cloud Platform, and how to use the Send Grid api. Though these tools were specific and will not necessarily always be used, the concept of how each component worked individually and with each other definitely gave us an idea of how development works and how we can develop other applications in the future.

What's next for

Due to this project being specifically for this hackathon, it is unlikely we will take this project very far. We do hope to complete the project even after and have it working the way we pictured, but beyond that, we don't plan to maintain and launch it as a real platform.

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