Time is one commodity we never seem to have enough of. After realising that I follow more people that I can really dedicate my time to, I thought to utilise little iOS knowledge that I have and try to solve a big problem that I was facing -> missing tweets from my inner circle.

Our feeds had too much noise, so we had to create Barny, a barn owl that hates noise, and thrives in silence 🦉

What it does

The app fetches Twitter lists and goes over the data. It removes all single replies, retweets and threads. Making the list a lot smaller and more direct, hence, easier to digest.

How we built it

We found a great SPM for Twitter API that we managed to incorporate into the app, making the development more streamlined, it's called Twift. As Twift was still in development, we managed to add few methods to it and help in development while relying on our use-case as proof of concept.

Challenges we ran into

Filtering twitter data can be hard sometimes. Finding out if user liked the post is a lot harder and roundabout one would expect. However due to great documentation on Twitter peeps, we managed to blaze right through it! 👌 Also, bugs...soo many bugs 😅, and all due to our nonchalant coding style.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

General visual feel of the app feels light open. There are no trackers of any kind and app is fairly optimised for a11y. Really happy about that. There is also one eye-candy view which utilises gyroscope and you can ruffle some feathers 😅

What's next for Barny

Polishing the app as much as we can for the initial release, and keep adding features as we expand. Next big thing would probably be scheduled posts...just need to learn some BE first 😂

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