Instead of manually collect temperature and moisture data over a large area, why don't we automate the process? That's why we thought of making an autonomous robot that will collect the enviroment over a large area!

What it does

The barley bot will travel between the barley crop and collect soil moisture, temperature and humidity data. It will use proximity sensor and accelerometers to make sure it will travel in a straight line.

How I built it

By mounting the sensor onto the Ardunio, we will collect the needed data and send it over via Serial port to the Raspberry Pi. And from the Raspberry Pi, a program is run that will transmit the data file via wifi to a server setting up on a computer.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into some problems making sure the robot is running the straight line without usage of a camera.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to get multiple sensor working on multiple processor and establish a stable connection with a computer all done wireless.

What I learned

Robot development is a challenging process. There are many ways to interact and interpret data from sensors in order to make it truly useful.

What's next for BarleyBot

We aim to get the Camera working next time and run a neural network on Pi in order to recognize plants that needed special care and collect more data from it.

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