It's a loss for farmers that they over-irrigate the barley. The unnecessary increased costs of irrigation, energy and labors could be avoid if we can tell the farmers when to stop the irrigation.

What it does

Combining climate data including precipitation as well as weather data, we use photo process to see if it's the right time to stop the irrigation. Referencing the graph of the color of the grain vs the date it close to the stop time, BarleyWatch will advise the farmer the proper time to shut the water down.

How we built it

From the online resources, we can get the maximum, minimum temperature and weather, combining this information with the soil moisture level. Using camera with raspberry pi, farmers have the option to either grab a sample grain and take a picture of it or make the device waterproof then set the camera outside. If they want to set the devices outside, we suggest them to set the devices on a vertical stick, and lay down the camera near the grains. The photo will be sent to the program and the program we have will tell whether the grains are ripped or unripped return the days that they should stop the irrigation.

Challenges we ran into

Farmers don't know what's the best time to stop the irrigation.

What we learned

We've learned that the adoption is always harder than the invention. Clear communication is vital when we work as a team.

What's next for Barley Watch

We want to make a precise correlation between the color of the grains vs the date it closer to stop the irrigation.

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