Ordering drinks at a bar today is clumsy and takes forever. We imagined a better, more precise service that uses technology to make ordering a drink efficient and pain-free.

How it works

The technology used for the service is separated into a few different platforms. First there is a mobile app that the user downloads in order to checkin to local area bars, and also authenticate with Venmo. The user is then able to walk up to a camera at the counter of the bar, authenticate himself through our image recognition software, and order a drink. The drink is then sent to a queue for the Bartender, who is extremely happy he can now focus on drink instead of haggling with the drunk people. The happy user now walks up to pick up his hassle-free drink!

Challenges I ran into

The most complicated challenge for this hack was being able to combine all the different systems we developed for and combine them all in to a well functioning service.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing an Image Recognition algorithm of up to 75% Accuracy and having the service on 4 distinct platforms/code-bases that work with one another

What I learned

Blurry camera pictures make for inaccurate training sets!

What's next for BarKinect

First a drink, then the world one smile at a time :)

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