We looked for an industry in which recorded transaction data should never be tampered with. Boy, did we find one. The APPA estimates the American pet industry at a value of $70 billion! In the dog market where pets range between $300 and $11000 based on breed alone, tamper-proof record keeping is the clear path forward.

What it does

BarkChain is a service for pet breeders and shelters to upload a digital fingerprint of the document to the blockchain that cannot be tampered with. When a pet buyer is given a BarkChain receipt, they can always validate that the document they were given is the authentic.

Our website has registration & login, so when BarkChain receipts change hands, the identity of the uploader is preserved. Additionally, the receipt gives the time and date the blockchain transaction took place.

Upon uploading, our application hashes the document with the SHA 256 hashing algorithm, in which the file is reduced to a standardized length string of letters and numbers. This app then secures a connection to the Bitcoin blockchain network and transacts the document hash into the blockchain. The transaction details are returned and all relevant information about the record creation is outputted to a receipt PDF.

How we built it

Back End For server-side programming, Groovy language was used. The application runs on a Tomcat server, where a MySQL database holds user login data and is used to store relevant information. We also used a java bitcoinj library to setup and connect to the bitcoin blockchain network, and to make transactions. Details are returned to the app regarding the transaction and a receipt PDF is generated.

Front End We used HTML5, JS/JQuery, Bootstrap, Grails framework

Challenges we ran into

Understanding blockchain to the level we can program/make use out of it Server development issues Front end design workarounds

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We applied a bleeding edge technology to a problem that most people wouldn't have thought about. Also, we built a fully functional web application in less than two days between two people!

What we learned

Blockchain theory and application grails

What's next for BarkChain

Clearly, the ability to validate document originality is applicable to every industry on the planet. In particular, we aim to expand our reach to the equestrian market, where horses can cost upwards of $100,000 based on parentage and breed. As well, we can expand the scope of our business and allow educational institutions to upload diplomas/certificates for the same purpose of storing permanent records.

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