Certain parts of the internet are infamous for their unfriendliness and hostility. Our goal was to help create a friendier online community.

What it does

Pawsitivity is a chrome extension which judges submissions before they are posted. Rude posts are identified and our extension double checks with the user if they would like it submitted. This behavior is meant to add friction when making rude comments and hopes to dissuade them. Pawsitivity also scores users by the amount of positive and negative comments in an effort to gamify positive behavior. These scores can also be viewed on a map so people can see the behavior of those around them. This scoring system helps identify particular bad accounts (trolls). Pawsitivity keeps a log of all recently made negative comments so users track their recent online activities.

How we built it

Pawsitivity is mainly a Chrome extension. Sentiment analysis is done on text posts with Google Cloud services. Image classification is done on pictures to determine if they are safe through Clarifai. Users create accounts through Firebase authentication and their data is stored on Algolia.

There extension is created through JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

One group member was new to many web technologies. Also, it was challenging to create an application that needed to communicate constantly with a variety of APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned to use many web services. We're also proud of how many features our extension has to offer despite it's short development time.

What's next for Pawsitivity

Currently, Pawsitivity works mainly with Reddit. We would like to add other web forums.

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