Microinfluencers power today's consumer businesses. Millions of high-impact, lower-volume influencers across the world serve brands like Glossier, For Love and Lemons, Colourpop, and more, delivering highly effective marketing promotions. However, the entirety of the relationships between businesses and influencers is based on trust - especially when it comes to smaller businesses and smaller influencers. When their reputation is not large enough to be put on the line, both sides struggle to find a way to ensure the conditions of an agreement are fulfilled. Smart contracts can fix this problem.

What it does

Bark facilitates social media influencers' marketing by automatically scraping influencers' social medias with Provable to check whether they've post the required amount of advertisements, and keeps businesses accountable by automatically transferring a deposit to the influencer when prior agreed-upon conditions are met.

How I built it

Using Truffle, web3.js, Provable Things oracle queries, and Solidity smart contracts.

Challenges I ran into

There were lots of interesting challenges related to the implementation of the Provable queries, but it was fascinating to play around with bringing off-chain data onto the blockchain.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

So happy that we got the factory smart contract and children smart contracts with the queries working, thanks to the help of mentors! Also learned lots about exec scripts in Truffle, and a bit of React.

What's next for Bark

Continue to build out the frontend and work out more of the business use case-related details.

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