We're looking for a interesting ways to serve beverages in a social setting. We thought that it would be a fun and challenging project and it was.

What it does

BARisimo presents an innovative way to enjoy drinks by connecting a drinking mixing robot to the internet. It dispenses a variety of drinks by employing peristaltic pumps. We've designed BARisimo to be compatible with any reservoir of liquid regardless of its shape. Be it a wine bottle, a 2L soda bottle, or a mixer (like milk?), BARisimo can dispense it all.

We've created a simple interface to interact with BARisimo in a variety of ways. For example, we can have crowd-sourced drink combinations through connecting with Twitch (a streaming website) or a simple drink queue through a web app. .

How we built it

BARisimo was built at MakeMIT 2016, a hardware hackathon over the course of the day by a team of 5 hackers.

Challenges we ran into

We had to design all of BARisimo from the ground up. Our first task was to create peristaltic pumps. Our initial design was intended for 3D printing, but after getting a projected print time of 16 hours for a single pump, we decided to switch routes and create a laser cut design.

We also had to scrap some of BARisimo's features in the interest of time, but we had created a robust enough design initially that the performance of the concept of BARisimo is still intact as originally intended.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned how to build beautiful 80/20 structures. We made a clean CAD assembly in SolidWorks. We designed our own peristaltic pumps, not only once, but twice!

What we learned

How to design our own pumps and build them from the ground up. How to be resourceful and create robust, adaptable design.

What's next for BARisimo

We plan on implementing all of the features we had left behind earlier today. We'd like to include a mixing container with actuated dispensing and an extra tank for water to clean out this reservoir and the machine.

We would also like to interface with Amazon Echo's Alexa in the future.

Team16-31's Team Members:

Everardo Rosales David Rosales Thomas Needham Joshua Sloane Joanna Zhu

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