After more than three years hard working here, at UPC we have made more than our fair share of trips to the mythical university bar “Molino Roa” for coffee breaks, countless lunches and even some late afternoon beers. There is no one that has studied here that does not agree that the FIB bar is the soul of the faculty. Moreover, its high popularity and the inevitable synchronization of our coffee breaks and lunch hours usually ends up with some long queues. We estimate that the average coffee pick up time can go up to 10 minutes or even more at rush hour, and waiting for the daily special can sometimes take more than half an hour. We calculate that each one of us spends and average of 15 minutes a day waiting in line. That is an hour fifteen a week. Knowing that we spend 36 weeks a year almost living here, that it is our fourth year and that we are three people the results are 19.5 days spent in line! Well, we mean to fix that! So what’s our plan? We wish to reduce the number of steps to the minimum: remove the queue, order and pay on the go, and schedule your breaks, so instead of being late to class you can enjoy your coffee peacefully. Our approach, for starters, has been to create an app that lets you order and pay for the top five star products of the bar: coffee, beer, patatas bravas, FiberBurger and the daily meal. For each of them you can specify at which time you will come pick them up and even apply for a monthly subscription of them! The app will let you know what and when to pick them up. This, we think, will reduce the clogging at the bar significantly, and will help the bar owners plan serving. In these two days, we have done our best to try to make it happen.

We have built a mobile application with React Native using Redux. This has been a challenge since it has been our first time using both these frameworks. For the API we have used Flask and Serveo.

Challenges we ran into


University live can often be intense and brake times are key to keeping a keen mind to help with learning. Our goal is to improve how we spent this time. Our similar schedules create a lot of clogging at the FIB’s bar and the long queues can reduce the time we spend chatting and socializing. This goes as far as to making ug get late to our next class or appointment. Our App aims to drastically reduce these queues and therefore increase the quality of our break times.


The objective of our team and our new App is to reduce drastically the queues at the FIB’s bar. The synchronization of the schedules makes it so we spent more of our break time waiting in line than socializing with each other. We mean to change that!

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