• Buying tickets online is a pain, reselling is even worse
  • Customers hate transfer/resale fees but have no choice
  • Happier customers have a better experience with the venue

What it does

  • Allows venue owners to create events and print tickets for sale quickly
  • Allows consumers to buy tickets and resell them to other purchasers

How we built it

  • Smart contract manages ticket ownership and allows for purchases
  • Vue.js frontend talks to our Solidity smart contract on the backend – no static server backend!

Challenges we ran into

  • Integrating with Metamask
  • Testing and debugging our smart contracts
  • Modeling our data to fit in a smart contract

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our MVP works!
  • The front end is simple and fast
  • Validated our specifications will work as a dapp

What we learned

  • Ticket providers are interested in partnering
  • How to design a dapp and build it from scratch
  • We think people will use this if we partner with venues

What's next for BareTickets

  • Take the hack out of hackathon
  • Stronger permission system
  • Security audit
  • Round out MVP features
  • Deploy to testnet
  • Research partner opportunities
  • Research currency exchange integration

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