It is always hard to tell if something contains an allergen when nutritional information is so packed and small which makes it very hard to read sometimes. With the scanner, it will automatically find out if that food might cause an allerigic reaction for some people.

What it does

It scans a barcode of a food product and outputs all possible allergens.

How I built it

I used react-native to build this app and used many libraries on react-native to implement the barcode scanner

Challenges I ran into

I had trouble getting an api call to work correctly so I

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we were able to make a "working" react app since this was our first time. We are proud that we learnd how to access the camera and use that to scan barcodes and qr codes.

What I learned

We learned as a team how to use react native. We were all new to hackathons and we wanted to try something new. We learned how to set up multiple pages on the app and how to use the camera on our phones to scan barcodes.

What's next for Barcode Scanner

New we would like to implement the API that allows us to detect if the food contains an allergen. We were using the EDAMAN nutritional analysis API to detect the indregents of the food. After we scan the barcode, we need to extract the name of the food and convert it into a string. Then after that we can use that string to search up what type of food it is on the API.

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