Uh so basically, we were sitting in a room, and Andrew was like "Aight but what if we could just make a barcode scanner to find the cheapest prices online", and we all said. "Great Idea!"

What it does:

It uses a barcode to discover the cheapest prices online in an instant. Similar to just a google search run off of a barcode, and only given back the important information.

How we built it:

We used React-Native and javascript code to create a working code on expo. We also used the help of Colin and Rodney.

Challenges we ran into:

We ran into a lot of challenges. We are freshman and did not understand how to code near anything, but with the help of google, Colin and Rodney, we overcame the issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We got the camera to work successfully.

What we learned:

We learned a lot about coding, especially coming in with little to no prior knowledge, except for what we have learned in our tools class in the last 6 weeks.

What's next for Barcode Price Comparison:

If we continue to develop the app, we would like to make it function with online API's such as amazon or walmart, in a way that it can search every website simultaneously.

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