We started with the idea of automation in for home but realized this is already an exploit industry. We decided to use a similar technology but apply it to something never done before, applying it to toy Barbie house models.

What it does

Basically, it allows control over elements such as door, lightings and fan via voice control through your smartphone and bluetooth.

How we built it

As a group, we decided on what materials we needed to begin this project and built a foundation so that at anytime, we had something as a backup. Our whole project is powered by arduino's, connecting wires, and a programmed WiFi chip that will allow us to upload data to the web for analytics in the future. We built the house out of reusable materials such as cardboard and parts that we could find within the time limit that was provided.

Challenges we ran into

A lot of the challenges that we encounter had to do with the moving parts like the dc motors and the servo motor. This would sometimes clash when both ran at the same time so eliminate this problem, we ran two separate power sources so that both could ran simultaneously. Generalizing the voice control was another tricky element of the project. Before, we had to say exactly what the command was but now the code looks for key works, allowing for more organic talking. There were other minor issues but these where the hardest.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of bring able to generalize the voice control and connect the photon to a cloud. We are also very proud of the mini house model we made out of cardboard for the proof-of-concept. We even set up a password system that made sure only people who know the password and control the house.

What we learned

We learnt about how bluetooth works and how we can communicate with arduinos with bluetooth. We also learnt how to implement voice control and generalize it.

What's next for Barbie Home Automation

We plan to extend this idea so it isn't just targeting Barbie toy houses. We would like to make it more detailed to be used in house showroom models. We would also like to implement a mash network for the bluetooth so multiple devices could connected to it at the same time. We would need a priority system set up for this to work.

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