Developing an App in Flutter is always inspired us. The main inspiration of our app idea is to showcase the Pakistani products all over the world and give the local community either they are women, men or youth of Pakistan the opportunity to sell their homemade or any kind of product to a foreign world. Baramdat is an e-commerce marketplace for exporters & manufacturers of Pakistan to help them selling their products worldwide. Pakistan has at highest exports at $25.5 b and In the first 10 months of fiscal year FY18, total exports crossed $20 billion. Large size exporters have direct clients and international market access but small to medium-size manufacturers don't have access to international markets & payment gateways. Baramdat will solve their issues and help them to sell their products worldwide.

What it does

Baramdat connects local manufactures to a foreign world. You can start your own e-commerce business without the hassle of managing or buying stocks of items. You can sell your homemade products (woollen caps, Knives, Sports equipment, jewellery etc) or any kind of product by using our platform. Just create an account on our system and list your products into our platform.

How I built it

We built this app using the Flutter and dart. We use MySQL database for the storage and write backend API's in PHP.

Challenges I ran into

Making a good UI of the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have created a user-friendly app for the user.

Why this app should be selected

  • This app would enable the local industry to connect with the global market.
  • This app is built with flutter.
  • This app removes the gender gap by providing both men and women with equal opportunity to run the e-commerce business from their home.
  • Innovative business model - Baramdat business model will be subscription-based listings and commission on sales.
  • We will implement the app and market the app using the prize money.

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