Waiting far too long in line at the bar to buy drinks. If I can pay for everything else with my credit card, then why can't I do the same, easily, with my drinks?

What it does

Allow users to order drinks, and to be notified of when those drinks are ready, along with where to go to pick them up. The menu is intuitive, and will take into account a user's favourite drink choices, and is organized in an easily accessible manner. The primary method of payment would be by credit card, and one of the main upsides of using the app would be spending less time in line waiting to get to the front, just to fumble for change to pay for drinks.

How we built it

Our team of four collaborated on coding in Android Studio, implementing the wireframe we put together towards the start of the hackathon. One of our members spent a great deal of time on creating graphics resources for use in our app.

Challenges we ran into

Our team members were not too familiar with the concepts of mobile development before coming into the hackathon, and we had a couple hiccups when it came to the limitations of the hardware we were working with (renderers causing crashes, or images not being the correct resolution).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcoming the challenges mentioned above, and churning out a working app in the end, even though we didn't expect too much. Also, we're very proud of the fact that all of our graphics were made in-house during the hackathon by our graphic designer, Flora!

What we learned

Lots and lots about mobile development, specific to Android. Also, that front-end and back-end developers really need to work closely to offer a smooth user experience with the app.

What's next for bar·ter

Trying to implement more back-end for the app, and potentially trying to roll out in a few local bars.

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