Being in college I have noticed a lot of problems with alcohol consumption and how drinks at parties have no way of being standardized. There is no way of tell how much you are drinking even if you are being responsible and counting your drinks.

What it does:

The goal of this project is to standardize drinks at parties across the country and it does exactly that. With the press of a button a perfectly sized shot is poured into the designated cup using timers, interrupts and ADC. No more blackouts, no more throwing up, now the user can properly count their drinks and drink responsibly.

How I built it:

Because a lot of the design is similar, the code and wiring for the three separate motors for the most part is the same, I began by making sure I could get it working for one motor first. I knew I was using three buttons so I was unable to use the two input output pins on the Arduino, instead I had to use the pin change interrupts. I was able to disable and enable the pin change interrupts based on if a drink was able to be poured. Once I got the pin change interrupts working I moved onto the ultrasonic which is used to detect if there is a cup in place. If there is no cup the pin change interrupt is disabled and none of the buttons will work. Finally I went on to coding the photo-resistor using ADC. A lot of this was just initializing the ADC and tuning for the correct values. If there is to much light in the room, similar to the ultrasonic the pin change interrupts are disabled because shots should not be taken during the day that leaves to bad habits.

Challenges I ran into:

I began this project with the ambitious idea to code and LCD liquid crystal library. For the sake of time I had to move past the LCD idea and come up with a simper way to keep the user informed. I ended up coming up with a simple LED system that tells the user when a drink can be poured. The next challenge I faced was working with the pin change interrupts and ensuring the correct motor was turned on base on a specific button being pressed. This took a decent amount of debugging and tuning as pin change interrupts are more complicated than using input capture.

Accomplishments that I proud of:

I am proud of the final product. Although along the way I had to change a few things up and work through a few challenge I was able to create a final product that met the initial requirements I set for standardizing a drink. To me I am treating this as a proof of concepts and don't want to stop here. I would like to build a final product that can be used at parties using the upgraded I talk about in the next section.

What's next for Shot Tap:

In the future I would like to make some critical changes to the system in order for it to be used at events. The first change is upgrade the motor pumps to be using 12V motors instead of the 5V motors the system is using now. The 5V motors are to slow for the project to be practical at parties. This would required a change in the power management systems, I would either need to use an external power supply or use a boost converter to get a higher voltage. The second change would be to aesthetics and practicality. To use at an event the casing would have to be water proof in order to protect the electronics from getting wet. These two updates to the system would allow for a more usable design.

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