Trying to get from their AirBnB to IIT for the hackathon turned out to be more difficult than it needed to be for our teammate MIke, out of data he was unable to download the Lyft app and create an account. He needed a way to hail a Lyft and didn't have one, we realized this is a problem with the current Ride Sharing model, you can't try out the service without either having a friend introduce you to it or creating an account. It is an unnecessary barrier to entry.

What it does

Bar Buddie is a kiosk interface for hailing a lyft without the need for an account.

How we built it

We built it using the Electron framework from GitHub for the frontend and DjangoREST framework for the backend. We are using paypal to pay for the lyft with an instance specific account that takes credit card info to be charged using Stripe upon ride completion.

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to use OAuth2 proved to be challenging as well as figuring out how to circumvent Lyft's requirement that everyone has an account to use. Figuring out how to hold card info to be charged for the Lyft later, proved be tricky. Also Electron and Node.js did not want run on Ubuntu and Python development environments were defaulting into the wrong version of python on one of the members machines.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud to figuring out a solution to the problem of being at bar, not having downloaded lyft and needed a way to get home, Taxi's are slow and don't hold a candle to the Lyft experience, we're happy we prototyped a product that can cut down on drunk driving and lowered the barrier to entry for a really cool product.

What we learned:

We learned a lot about how to set up a REST api as well as how to use OAuth2 with our backend as well as how to use the Lyft, Stripe, and Google Maps API's. Learning to setup appropriate development environments so that the project works when deployed.

What's next for Bar Buddie:

We would like to get Bar Buddie developed into a fully fledge Point of Sale product capable of swiping real cards and accepting mobile payment options like apple pay. We would love to get a unit to production and start getting them installed into Chicago bars.

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