We love Bars. Who doesn't? There's friends, music, and of course alcohol. So what would be even better? More time with friends and more alcohol! So we came up with an awesome idea to improve your bar experience and let you have an even better night.

What it does

Mix It! helps you make distinct cocktail orders depending on the customer's preferences via a mobile app. If you like your Gin Tonic with a little extra, just customize the ingredients. You can also come up with a creation of your own and Bar Bitch will send it directly to the bartender who can see it on his display. The bartender can interact with the system by pressing buttons. Once your order is finished you receive a push notification on your phone.

How we built it

We built a working iOS app prototype which connects to a Django backend and a database running on the Raspberry Pi.

What's next for Mix It!

We plan on adding a social component to the app which lets you name your drinks and share them with your friends and the whole bar. You can order drinks which sound cool and afterwards you can rate them. There will also be a ranking for drinks and winners of monthly challenges.

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