The idea behind this web app is to help fellow users by providing inspiration through videos or songs or quotes from people like Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji,Mahatma Gandhi,etc. Apart from this,This web application also allows the users to check for other users who are feeling the same feeling like sad/depressed,etc and connect with them.The main idea behind this is that "Only like minds understand the gravity of the situation" that a person is in and thus can help in the resolution of the same. Apart from this,those who have overcome similar sort of situation[termed as Happy people] can assist those who are in need by getting in touch with them through their email. Those in need of help can get in touch with other people based on their location and seek further help. In case none of those things work out,Contacting admin will help out surely,whose details will be shown out in the Help/Get Help section.

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