BankSi is a true story of collaboration, teamwork and success. Our female led team met in the hackathon forums only two weeks prior to the project submission deadline. Through our preliminary research, we learned that one of the major challenges that women and minorities faced while trying to achieve their financial goals was a lack of or limited financial education.

Navigating through the financial forest of terms and processes can be intimidating for any newcomer. Some even give up on their dreams of owning a business or attending college.

With our application solution, BankSi, we wanted to let women and minorities know that they are not alone in their financial journey. BankSi will be their personal guide. BankSi is a knowledge platform built to educate, connect, and recommend financial products and services.


Our platform helps build financial awareness and literacy in women and minorities with the education needed to adopt positive financial behaviors and strengthen their financial wellbeing.


We connect consumers with a supportive network of peers, financial advisors and mentors while helping to build engagement between new customers and financial institutions.


We use advanced analytics to personalize recommendations of partner products and services based on user activity and interactions with the platform.

BankSi Tech Stack

We built the interactive proof of concept for BankSi using the following technologies:

  • Bootstrap 4.4
  • PHP
  • Jquery
  • Ajax
  • Landbot sdk

This technology stack was used for mock-up purposes and is not necessarily what we would use for actual implementation of the BankSi application. We focused mainly on preparing a semi-functional prototype using basic programming components. We included a user management system, layered on top of a CMS to deliver the community. We unfortunately could not finish integrating our bot with FFDC within our timeline.


While our team of four had synergy and enthusiasm for solving the consumer’s problem, we lacked the technical expertise to fully implement a working intelligent system.

We did not have a data scientist on our team to build the AI engine for the chatbot. Ideally, the AI chatbot would be powered by natural language processing, historical data, and user profile to generate personalized recommendations of financial products and services.

For demonstration purposes, we used the Landbot sdk to mimic the AI chatbot to show how it would integrate with the application and to mock-up how the customized dialogue powered by AI might appear.

What's next for BankSi?

To bring our proof of concept to the next step would require 6-12 months of focused development and funding.

There is a lot of potential with this POC. We believe our hack idea can connect community members to financial institutions in a unique,intelligent and profitable way.

BankSi has the potential to become the next big personal finance company by intelligently offering financial products and services to an engaged community and we would love to make that a reality.

We believe working closely early on to form a sponsored partnership with a financial institution would be most beneficial. BankSi provides a unique partnership opportunity to Banks and credit unions looking to expand their investment portfolios.

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