We have many opportunities to use bonuses like cashback and miles, but very few actually pay attention to it. Banking Simpatico aims to ease people into feeling comfortable with exploring these chances to travel and shop.

What it does

Banking Simpatico is a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to oversee your family's finances and explore reward opportunities such as cashback and free miles.

How I built it

Banking Simpatico was built with Python using Flask. It uses the Capital One Nessie API to simulate finances and the Priceline API to find hotels that can take advantage of miles and cashback.

What's next for Banking Simpatico

We can get the user's position by their coordinates by switching to the Google Maps API as opposed to a general area like a city or state. I'd also like to add new features such as a recommendation engine for shopping to encourage users to use their cashback for buying the items they like.

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