Inspiration: helping people with vision impairment

What it does: helps an individual with vision impairment to do daily activities with banking( check balance, credit score, etc)

How we built it: we started with Google's AI.API to use the capability of speech to text and text to speech with trained data to build a chatbot. For the front end, we have used HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap. For the backend, we have used Java and for the server we used Node.js. For the database, we have used firebase. And for mobile application, we have used Andriod studio and Java to design the application.

Challenges we ran into finding the right API to plug with the compatibility of with Node.js and java. So we decided to focus on web application instead. It was also hard to work with AI.API as it was our first time using it. We were very ambitious in the beginning and what we thought would be a simple app was full of complications initially so we had to prioritize a few features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of learning about how AI technology can be integrated into our application and we were able to figure out in over-night hackathon event and was able to submit our application before the deadline.

What's next for BANKING ASSISTANCE reimagine banking helping people with vision impairment to easily access banking without going to the bank or calling the call center, instead the user can speak to Google Assistance to know their balance and also check their credit score.

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