What it does

Banki is an interactive banking site, designed to make saving money easy and fun. You have to look after and care for your Banki by buying items from the shop. When you buy items from the shop, it transfers money from your current account into savings and keeps your Banki happy. Users can set a savings goal, and the Banki will evolve and grow as the goal gets closer to completion

How we built it

The site is built using Ruby (Sinatra) with the Capital One Nessie API and hosted on AWS. The graphics were all made in Krita. We also used a .tech domain for the site.

Challenges we ran into

We had some issues with the API and compatibility with Sinatra, as well as some issues with positioning items correctly on the page

What's next for Banki

We would like to make Banki a mobile app, which would allow users to monitor their Banki and their savings on the go, and receive push notifications

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