Whenever we evaluate investing into real estate across the US, we often negate what is increasingly becoming one of the most important factors that impact the value of the property: the climate. More specifically, natural disasters. If the recent Hurricane in Florida is anything to go by, the impact of the lack of supply created by natural disasters, along with the negative economic impacts are certainly something to consider when investing into real estate. We decided to look into this as this was an issue we have thought of ourselves, especially given that we all like looking at the real estate market, as it ultimately affects our day to day affordability.

What it does

This app basically has two functions, displays current data weighting the NRI, or the Natural Risk Index, against the HPI, or the House Price Index. We've weighted this data against each other because it shows how investable it is to invest into each given county across the USA, accounting for natural disasters. WE displayed this as a heat map of sorts, with the colors on the map indicating whether or not the consumer should invest in the given county for real estate.

How we built it

We used MapBox, and a lot of data from FEMA and HPI in order to calculate our predictive indexes.

Challenges we ran into

Flutter was one of our biggest issues, as it was not quite compatible with MapBox.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The overall concept is quite interesting for sure!

What we learned

With the given application, we probably should not have used flutter.

What's next for NattyBankFruit - a Real Estate Investment Predictor

Not sure, we shall see!

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