We wanted to start with a relatively simple concept for our first hackathon, and found the Capital One Nessie API as an accessible starting point for our experience with web development.

What it does

Implements the Capital One Nessie API to create a simple online banking interface for basic transactions. The Google Maps API allows for a graphical representation of businesses and ATMs within a certain distance from a customer's home location. Using the Walmart-Open API, a collection of products based on the user's query falling within the price range as defined by an account's Capital One reward points is returned as potential future purchases.

How we built it

Split into teams focusing on front-end development and back-end development, then integrated the back-end into the front-end as pieces were coded and tested.

Challenges we ran into

As none of us had prior experience with web development or hackathons, it was a struggle to develop and idea and then choose the correct tools to develop with. In addition, as the back-end was developed independently of the front end, elements had to be renamed in order to avoid the unintentional usage of an element outside of its assigned context. In addition, when combining the Walmart and Nessie APIs, a security issue causes the Rewards functionality to be incomplete, as it doesn't fully work on Google Chrome unless you flag --disable-web-security.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a functional product that successfully makes API calls to return the desired information.

What we learned

Web development skills, particularly in JavaScript and utilizing APIs with JavaScript, and HTML/CSS/Bootstrap to create a webpage that implements JavaScript functionality.

What's next for BankerLite

Improve the CSS/Bootstrap to be more visually appealing. Use the Nessie API in a more comprehensive fashion, and expand upon current functionality.

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