Chatbot usability and how easy get users from social media. And recently we won Future Finance at Ultrahack

What it does

It's generating new clients from social media. Just enough to put a link of the chatbot in FB feed or tweet or blog post on website. When stranger click on the link immediately opens messenger and start automatic flow of Q/A and KYC process.

How we built it

The platform behind a bot based on Tap2Pay. I'm CEO of Nordea API shows what kind of data and how we could get, what actions we can do with accounts.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did a bank inside chatbot. But focused more on personal investment advising.

What we learned

Impossible is nothing. Nordea API seems pretty good

What's next for BankiBoti

Work with Nordea. Risk management, Developing, Testing, Production and Marketing

Built With

  • tap2pay-platform
  • nordea-api
  • messenger-api
  • facebook
  • telegram-api
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