The inspiration for this project came from the need for a way to message better across Web3 moving away from standard email to something that could one day integrate direct mail to contract calls. This is Crypto Maily the Web 3 mail project

What it does

Crypto Maily allows users to move from sending standard email, to enabling them to mail cash and NFTs to one another using the Avalanche Blockchain, Chainlink, Filecoin, and SushiSwap. Users can add attachments that are stored in IPFS and also cryptocurrency pouches that allow the transfer of funds by mail, giving a much needed context to the recipient.

How we built it

Crypto Maily was built using solidity, JavaScript for the front end controls and IPFS integration. IPFS was used to store the message data and the attachment data.

Chainlink was used in the code to provide much needed currency data for pouch calculations, as each pouch can hold variable types and amounts committed to Sushi Swap

We deployed and tested on Avalanche, HECO and BSC to determine the difference in performance across chains as well as the difference in behaviour on testnet. Each chain was used to coordinate messages between addresses and the deployments can be found below:

Challenges we ran into

There were some challenges deploying onto BSC for testing so we were unable to update it to the latest code base.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to develop a great new way to commerce and communicate for Web 3.

What we learned

Learned quite a bit on this especially about Cross Blockchain working and messaging.

What's next for Crypto Maily

The goal is to grow the project to utilise cross chain bridges.

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