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We are trying to put on a global event. IN FACT. If we had been participating in the Jesus Jubiliees ((practical sociology - not mere religious fanaticisms)) we'd already be dumping our sins out into items to judge at the highest level of our human survival. Only the truly heinous acts would have received any group-there-from reprisal. Probably none. Because the world needed to purge it's evil deeds to continue. ALL THE WHILE, THINKING: IF MARX WERE ALIVE TODAY, WHAT IS THE ONE WAY HE COULD HAVE MADE HIS WORK LESS VOLITILE AND DANGEROUS A NOTION TO EXISTING GOVERNMENTS. ANSWER: HAVE A SERIES OF PARTIES. 16 YEARS LONG. WITH BOND TO SUPPORT IT. ALL WORLD LEADERS GET A COPY IN AT LEAST THE 5 SECURITY COUNSEL LANGUAGES AND 11% RETURN ON BOND. NO BUY IN NECESSARY!

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