We wanted to create something to give back to the community and help disabled people that aren't blessed with vision and make something that could be potentially implemented and used by the Blind people to manage their cash deposit and withdraws through ATM with the most secure and practical way. This will allow only the blind person to access his ATM cash using his face and PIN number as another way of making sure he's allowed to access this data and avoid abusive friend or relatives that can make use of knowing his pin.

What it does

It uses facial recognition to grant access to user and an option of having a pin too, as another factor for authentication. Can allow user to deposit, withdraw or check savings or checking balance. Uses voice commands as a main source of inputing data, intending to replace the teller with an amazon's alexa smart device. Still having the option of inputting manual ATM data but for the main focus for this project it's meant to be through voice data as it's blind person friendly

How we built it

First we developed a software or created a new skill for alexa that takes commands by user through voice data. We used the lambda server to route the skill and add functionalities. We also have a raspberry pi running the atm/end user side which does the facial recognition. It's built on OpenCV, Fisherface algorithm, and several other tools/libraries.

Challenges we ran into

we tried our best to write code that can switch voice data into normal plaintext so we can re-use assigned variables with those user voice inputs and update our balances or withdraw any amount of money and make it more effecient. Coming up with the idea was probably one of the hardest parts we tried to implement a finicial improvement with an ethical side the gives back to the community that's always our goal to help improve technology while helping others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are helping a very minor community that really isn't getting the attention and care that they deserve, us humans should have more pity towards the disabled the ones who weren't blessed with no choice give to them. Doing this is one step closer to make them feel that they belong here and they can be as independent as possible. Also this is a great way to help secure our systems even more using 3D facial recognition it will make it nearly impossible to have skimming attacks that are very common these days. This implementation could be one step better for better banking security and also have a large ethical role to help the blind community

What we learned

We learned that coming up with an idea is probably the most important factor in any project. Dividing the roles is also a key factor of succeeding having good communication and team work also is a main factor of us succeeding today. Of course some of us got introduce to whole new world of software development and successfully understood it and we learned how we can gather everything we did and implement it nicely in hardware like model and successfully implement the software with it.

What's next for Bank Sinatra

We'll probably still be working on the idea try our best to perfect it and overcome the challenges that we faced and make as efficient, secure and ethical as possible

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