Avery, the Senior Vice President of Design at Bank of West inspired us. "Bring Sparks of Joy. Bring Clarity. Create an engaging, delightful, and effortless user experience."

What it does

How do you re-imagine the banking experience? We bring user delight, clarity and to banking apps, and put sustainability as a benchmark for what we'd like to see in the world.

    **Transactions tab** automatically classifies the category of your transactions (utility, food, clothes...), allowing you to visualize how you spend your money. 

    **Payments tab** makes sure you're paying the right person! We enable currency conversion, and always verify that the recipient is valid. You can also use a voice activated chatbot that lets you do this on the fly. 

    **Portfolio tab** lets YOU choose how you want your bank to invest your money, and support causes that are near and dear to your heart. You'll see all the information about your choice, track your investments and change this at any point in time. Our algorithms even recommend causes that we think you'd like the most!

   **Impact tab** shows you how much difference you've made to the planet. Water saved, Cars off the roads, number of trees planted -- we present these metrics in intuitive ways to help you visualize your contributions.

How We built it

We thought about the problem, and thought about it some more. We debated, argued and fought over the litany of ideas. With 4 Machine Learning models, an insanely beautiful user interface and really thoughtful features, we decided to serve the customer in every way we we'd want to be served ourselves.

Challenges We ran into

Converging on the color scheme. Seriously.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Building 4 machine learning models - classifier, recommendation engine, chatbot and a regression model, all for very relevant aspects in the functionality of the app. All of us contributed in really meaningful ways, and was a great learning experience for all of us.

What We learned

We can design great apps!

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