While attending a hackathon at Georgia Tech, I couldn't find my wallet. There were two credit cards in the wallet. To make matters worse, one of the cards was issued by a bank in China -- that means I won't be able to replace it soon. In the meantime, what if someone picked up my wallet and decided to buy their next lunch with my credit card? I know the standard protocol in this case: call the bank. However, wouldn't it be better if an app could let you choose if activities on your account are authorized and take actions against unauthorized ones?

What it does

BankGuard allows users to review and report transactions easily to decrease credit card fraud.

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How I built it

This app uses Nessie API to access bank account data. It is built with Ionic, Angular JS and Cordova.

Challenges I ran into

Cordova projects could be hard to debug -- there is no place to see log messages. (In the end we figured out that safari developer tool can help debugging)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Both of us have never done an app before. We are proud that we were able to run through all the tutorials and build an actual app.

What I learned

Angular JS, Cordova, Ionic, hybrid app development

What's next for Bank Guard

Expand its real-time ability, integrate damaged/lost card reporting service.

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