Our Story

What it does

Our bingo app uses the Capital One Nessy API to retrieve data from a users account and match it against the bingo sheet challenges. Once all of the challenges have been done, BINGO!!

This can be used to incentive either good behaviour (save some money!) or spending behaviour (buy starbucks etc)

How we built it

The back end of our app was built using Python and the front end in React.

The back end code searches all transactions in the account to match with the specific criteria for each of the bingo square. This includes payments, transfers, withdrawals and locations. From the backend we push True/False statements with all the transaction details to the front end which then displays the filled in bingo sheets!

Challenges we ran into

The Nessy API had several challenges to overcome, one of which was having accounts with no transactions!! We had to go on a digital shopping spree so that we could play bingo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

IT WORKS!! We took our concept, coded, debugged and it works :)

What we learned

We have all learnt something new this weekend!! We split our team of 4 with 2 to work on the front end and 2 to work on the back end :) Half of our team only started learning to code this year!!! David has never used react before and with Hannah's help they've created a fab user interface from scratch! Kirsty worked with Kat on the backend, having only used python several times before. Turns out GitKraken is a fab tool for real time collaboration. By splitting up the way we did we were able to use the skills we already had and learn new ones.

What's next for Bangin' Bankin' Bingo

Security in banking is very important, at the moment we haven't included any security measures to keep user info safe... this would be the next step!!


Seeing it work is best during a demo!

See it on GitHub:

Front End GitHub link

Back End GitHub link

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