Wanted to bang my mate, didn't I? We wanted a game about wall banging and haven't used 3D modelling, as such we built it top down and changed some mechanics to work as with it.

What it does

Spawns 4 players into a small arena. Each player has controls on the same keyboard for movement and firing. This causes it to feel really interactive/cosy. They can shoot walls to make them their colour, if a wall is already your colour you can shoot through it. The aim is to make everyone your colour by shooting them.

How we built it

We implemented a grid system that contains information about a board. Then every time the game goes through the main loop it checks if anyone is trying to move, if they are it moves them as appropriate. If a player presses fire then they shoot a "laser" from themselves in the direction they are moving. Firing only occurs if the player is moving to force fast paced play.

Challenges we ran into

For some reason certain keys were a little buggy while acting as the fire key but we mostly sorted it. Neither of us had ever used swing or other graphics systems for this sort of project and thus made that a bit annoying.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Dat interface doe but mainly a function game even if it isn't the prettiest.

What we learned

Implementation of a game style project in swing.

What's next for BANGER

BANGER 2: Now with new dimensions (A 3D version)

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