The BANDWDTH app is the ultimate music dashboard for your Samsung-powered home entertainment system. As demonstrated by the launch version for the rock band, KoRn, the app provides fans with the best artist content on the Internet, in the comfort and convenience of their living room. With this one app, fans can watch KoRn HD videos from YouTube on the biggest screen in their home, listen to KoRn through the best sound system they own, check out fan photos from all over the world, learn about the band via the most comprehensive online tools, and follow the buzz via up-to-the-second social media. They also gain access to unique KoRn content available exclusively through the app. With the BANDWDTH: KornTV app on Samsung SmartTVs, KoRn fans can turn a living room into mission control for all things KoRn, and engage with their favorite band like never before! The BANDWDTH: KoRnTV app is the first Samsung SmartTV app by BANDWDTH, an app publishing company dedicated to helping music fans engage with their favorite artists. With more artists on the way, BANDWDTH aims to become the hub for personalized music and an enhanced entertainment experience in the home.

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