The Microsoft Keynote talk on HoloLenses during the opening ceremonies inspired our project idea through the following statement: "Microsoft HoloLens seamlessly blends high-definition holograms with your real world." Our project follows the same values, and similarly, seamlessly integrates the Microsoft band into everyday life.

What it does

Bando integrates the Myo and Microsoft Band to provide a more convenient and fun way to interact with the band. After the two devices are paired through the app, Bando allow users to use natural hand gestures to control any features on the Band.

How I built it

  • Created a Managing App which would handle the pairing of the two devices.
  • Integrate the Myo features into the App/ receiving gestures
  • Integrate the band features into the App/ use the received gestures to myo

Challenges I ran into

We ran into issues when pairing Myo and the Band because they were not both compatible with the Windows platform, hence we've considered integrating with iOS instead. However, Myo's SDK was written in Swift, and Band's SDK was written in Objective-C, which can be relatively confusing to translate around, and so we decided to develop the application for Android instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Being able to integrate the Myo and Band through Bando.
  • Learning more about how the Microsoft Band works and ways it can be improved

What I learned

Android UI development, development with Myo and also the Microsoft Band.

What's next for Bando

Currently the Microsoft Band is tailored towards health. By adding gesture controls the band has been given a pathway into a numerous amount of industries and opportunities. For example, modern day cellular devices are filled with options and menus that can be overwhelming for an autistic individual; however, the band’s improved user experience allows for such a user to have a simplified experience. This allows these individuals to easily send emergency messages/ calls if needed without being bombarded by the complexities of a full cellular device.

We believe that the new gesture control features of the band also opens the doors to a new genre of mini-games “wrist games”. Imagine being able to control a side scrolling runner with gesture controls on your wrist.

Thanks to gesture controls, the Microsoft Band has truly become a device which can upon up your world.

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