We all want to create something great. Whether that's a hack or a vaccine, a novel or a Billboard hit, the drive to make, and make well, is a powerful force. We get it. In addition to being coders, our develops are musicians, writers, teachers, and engineers. We want to help give you and your art all the tools to succeed. Bandmate is a platform to help musicians find each other and work together. There are enough instrumentalists to go around, and we're here to help you find them. Whether you want a bassist in your town to jam with, or a flutist half the world away who also enjoys electro-ska-swing, odds are there are other people who like the same music as you and want to make it. We'll leave the ideas to you. We're just your helpful groupies. So what are you waiting for?

"After the passing of irresistible music, you must learn to make due with a dripping faucet" -Jim Harrison

^^^Not if we have anything to say about it

What it does

Bandmate is a matchmaker for musicians. After a user logs in with Facebook and fills out a short survey, we use the instruments they play and the types of music they are interested in making to set them up. Our correlation algorithm (_ Thanks Alex! _) focuses either on similarity of style, or relative location. Users can toggle between the two categories. So if they want to find musicians in their town, they can look at musicians and Bands near them. If they want to find their music soul mates way over in Singapore or South Africa, they can utilize the "Bands Like Me" feature. This way, users can get the exact sort of creative experience they want, no matter where or how geographically isolated they are.

How We built it

Bandmate was built radiating outward. We started with the js and APIs we knew we needed to call, and then split up, working on the frontend/UI while also creating our user database and writing the correlation algorithm. We divided work well, all playing to our own strengths.

Challenges We ran into

Besides the obvious sleeping struggle, it took us a while to really nail down our vision. We knew generally what functionality we wanted to provide, but ironing out the details took longer than expected. We also struggled with gathering the requisite data from the Facebook API, as we needed to apply as developers and did not have the time.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We managed to do a lot very quickly: build a user database, write an algorithm, learn some new language, create a UI/UX. I know that hackathons are all about agile dev, but this really surprised me. We were able to motivate our team members and keep everyone on task, while having fun. It was a great experience.

What We learned

We all learned so much at this hackathon, and we're really proud of that. Lee started learning Ruby. Claire wrote her first non-bootstrap website. Alex learned about different sorts of music. We all came out of this a little worse for the wear, but better programmers and teammates than we were before.

What's next for Bandmate

We'd like to incorporate Facebook Music and Spotify to improve our music-taste analysis algorithm's accuracy. We'd also like to get a chat client working, to allow users to communicate with potential bandmates

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