Finding someone who shares your taste in music is difficult. And for the lonesome musician, the task at hand is even harder: not only do they seek someone who likes the same music, but can wield a certain subset of instruments, enjoys playing certain genres, and potentially fit a whole host of other restrictions. The same way Tinder and Bumble work to pair those with the highest overlap in preferences in the realms of dating, business, and friends, BandIt helps musicians find their next ideal jam partner. We hope that this experience can greater enhance the ability of music to connect and inspire people around the world.

What it does

BandIt is a social networking platform wherein people with similar taste in music can form bands and meet up. The application is divided into three major segments: (1) Find an Artist, through which different artists can meet and form bands, (2) Jam Session, wherein people can meet up at a fixed venue and time and jam together, and (3) VR Jamming, wherein potential bandmates can meet over VR and share in a jam session of global proportions!

How we built it

We arrived at the hackathon knowing we wanted to build something around music. It's something we're all fond of. And after discussing all of our strengths and interests (including experience working at Bumble, experience with design, experience with JavaScript, and experience with Google Cloud products), we decided that a dating-style app to pair musicians would be the best use of our efforts this weekend. Some notes on the process from the team: Satyam: After it was decided that our domain was related to music I tried to figure out what purpose the application should fulfill. After this, I decided the different pages our UI would have and the colour scheme, the visual hierarchy and fonts and the overall theme. I went through quite a few modern fonts and different styles and finally designed an authentic UI.

Sakib: I worked extensively on the frontend and backend of this app, utilizing Git for version control, React Native for the frontend, Google Firebase/Firestore for the backend, and Expo for deployment and rapid testing.

Challenges we ran into

Satyam:There were issues like the features to be included in the application and its implementation while coding. Deciding different landing pages for the application the fonts in order to stick to the theme of music. I tried to maintain the authenticity as much as possible and that was the toughest part.

Sakib: Collaborating over Git took some getting used to, as well as did connecting our app to Google Cloud products.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Satyam: It is my second UI project and I'm really proud how visually appealing it looks and how I could implement the important concepts of design like the visual hierarchy and the contrasts.

Sakib: This was my first time using React, and I'm proud of how far my skills in the framework have come over the weekend. I'm also proud of how strongly our group bonded over the past few days!

What I learned

Satyam: I learned to work under pressure and how to divide work in a team in order to get the work done quickly and efficiently. I also learned some problem-solving skills and coding.

Sakib: I learned about the usefulness of React, as well as the similarities between Firebase Storage and Firestore. The latter helped me be less anxious about trying new things in CS.

What's next for Band-It

We plan on implementing the VR Jamming experience soon as we were short on time we couldn't do it now but we see it happening in the near future. We also plan on launching this application soon!!

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