Investment Banking shouldn't be limited to only accredited investors.

Access to capital is a human right and with Bitcoin, and, investment can now come from anywhere in the world.

Banco Satoshi won't ask for private keys, ever!

What it does is an open-source responsive multilingual web application that provides a seamless checkout experience for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightning payments that allows anyone in the world to INVEST IN BUSINESSES STARTING FROM 1 SAT.

How we built it is cutting edge in every detail. It features:

  • A Next JS web application (responsive, multilingual)
  • A CMS for dynamic business funding campaigns data
  • A BTC Pay Server instance for Bitcoin and Lightning payments (funds go to a Business Owner wallet via the xpub key)
  • Investment Protocol (Protocolo de Inversión) is a process where business owners can apply for funding

App Architecture

Challenges we ran into

Integrating all the aforementioned systems was challenging, but working as a team, we were able to merge everything together within the Bankathon period.

We tried to use Qredo, but deriving the Bitcoin addresses for each checkout experience was not possible because Qredo won't display the xpub key. We tried though, and created a network, a fund and policies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of is a revolutionary and powerful tool. Only intelligent governments will allow this tool to run in their country.

What we learned

We learned that integrating with Bitcoin and Bitcoin LN makes payment experiences a breeze. It only takes a few seconds and you can buy great things! Like business ownership.

What's next for Banco Satoshi

We are distributed and very well organized: Zenhub Solid Roadmap

Please look at this Deck to see the details of the use of proceeds and other important information for investors and judges:

Please also look at the intended use of funds and our current costs (with the 100k USD we can keep developing for ~5 months):

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