In a nutshell, Bananas Wifi is a wireless accesspoint that gives users access to wifi in exchange for some processing power. Many users, each dedicating a portion of their computer's resources, can be joined together into a powerful distributed network. When users connect to the accesspoint, they are given a choice of what they want their processing power to go towards – this can include anything from Folding@home to bitcoin mining. Users must keep one tab open in the backgroud that performs the calculations required for whatever project they choose to work on. Through the use of OpenGL, and one day OpenCL, this browser based processing can be almost as powerful as native code. It is important to note that, becuase Bananas Wifi is browser based, the user is not required to download and install anything, making the barier for participation very low.

The target customers of this product are the owners of establishments such as coffee shops or hotels. These owners would be inclined to chose our wifi access point over others for a few reasons:

  1. Encouraging the charitable donation of resources to projects such as Folding@home reflects positively on the establishment.
  2. The option to mine bitcoins offers establishment owners the ability to monitize wifi, which previously offered no revenue.
  3. For establishment owners who previously offered paid wifi, bitcoin mining with Bananas Wifi offers a way to achieve a much higher conversion rate for monitization (although admitidly a lower income per user).
  4. Distributed computation is just cool.

Technically, the most unique feature of Bananas Wifi is the ability to form a distributed compute cluster without requiring users to download and install anything. Socially, the most interesting feature is the ability of Bananas Wifi to turn a mundane activity, like connecting to the internet, into an opportunity to do some good for society.

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