A self-writing journal of your life, with superpowers!

We make journaling easier and more engaging than ever before by leveraging home-grown, cutting edge, CNN + LSTM models to do novel text generation to prompt our users to practice active reflection by journaling!


  • User photo --> unique question about that photo based on 3 creative techniques
    • Real time question generation based on (real-time) user journaling (and the rest of their writing)!
    • Ad-lib style questions - we extract location and analyze the user's activity to generate a fun question!
    • Question-corpus matching - we search for good questions about the user's current topics
  • NLP on previous journal entries for sentiment analysis

I love our front end - we've re-imagined how easy and futuristic journaling can be :)

And, honestly, SO much more! Please come see!

♥️ from the Lotus team, Theint, Henry, Jason, Kastan

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