Recently I completed completed a bootcamp for Web development for beginners. I wanted to try the things that I have learned so I decided to create a project using html, css, javascript and an API. I have used funtranslations API for this project, this API offers various endpoints. I have used the endpoint to translate English language to banana language which also the language used by minions.

What it does

This website does not requires any kind of signin/signup. User has to enter the text in the dialogue box provided and then hit the Translate button after that, the entered text will be translated into banana language.

How I built it

I have html, css, JavaScript and an API for this project. First i developed the frontend using html and css. Then for backend i have used JavaScript. I have integrated the url with the text entered by the user, which will be then translated to banana language after hitting the Translate button. I have added event listener for the translate button and also handled the exceptions.

Challenges I ran into

There was one problem after testing it was lot of times. The url was not working for this I have added a function for exception handling and now everything works fine. But suppose it doesn't works then there might be some problem with server and after that user can try after some time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am able to integrate API with JavaScript. This project is hosted using Netlify and its source is available on GitHub.

What I learned

I learned about JavaScript which is used for backend, GET request of API and exception handling.

What's next for Banana Talk

In future I'll try to add more endpoints of API and I'll also try to improve the UI of website.

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