Our service offers an insight into the precision and practicality that bananas offer as both a tool, and unit of measurement. While most consider the banana a delicious and nutritious snack, we strive to emphasize the fruit's significance in the engineering community.

Our key features include a robust unit conversion system which can convert from 48 types of units (with more to come!) to the new standard unit of 'banana', and infinite potential for scalability.

While unit conversion is an excellent tool, it is important to have a visual understanding of the scale of a banana with respect to objects in the world. To this end, we have also integrated a twitter sourced image feed of objects being compared to the sweetest unit of measurement.

As the adoption of the banana for scale is so important, we want to keep botanically inclined measurers apprised of new features and high quality photo references of bananas for scale. To this end, we have leveraged the MailJet API to assure that Banana for Scale users never miss out on updates.

Future plans for Banana for Scale include opening the tool kit for developers, such that they can integrate our features in their own applications via the BananAPI.

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