It's not a secret that in Russia in 2018 Roskomnadzor is trying to block popular messenger Telegram, but yet loosing this fight. So we build a game that would let you feel like Roskomnadzor and feel all their power -- or weakness. Goal is simple -- try to block all the users!

What it does

It is a game in which you have a map with connected to Telegram through Global Telegram Net users and some servers that offer proxy. Your goal is to break some connections on the map so that as many users as possible are disconnected from all the proxy servers. But beware -- there are new users and proxy arriving, you need to be faster!

How we built it

We used map provided by Here Api (, Javascript to work with it.

Challenges we ran into

It is not really easy to work with roads on maps and we are going to change the way we get roads from API in future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned


What's next for Ban it all!!

  1. Levels -- how fast new proxy servers and new users are added
  2. More cities and even countries -- you may play for Russia suffering

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