We had to choose between 3 different topics, so after multiple ideas, we ran into 3 different apps, but one of our teammates said _ "How hard is to be a mother for the first time" _, and then we start realizing not only for the first time, forever, because as you start growing, you start becoming stronger, but be in that point, you have to be protected on the early steps of your life, and whats the best way to do that ? Keep the record in the palm of your hand, updated and without worrying about loosing the record of your kid's history.

What it does

Bambino is an iOS app that helps mothers to keep track about their children's healthcare records. You can easily add a new baby, see the Dr's information, see how many vaccines he should have by now, and even schedule a new appointment for your iOS calendar and synchronize with your other appointments.

You can also add comments about what the doctor said about the health of the kid, see how is it growing (normal, overweight, or nutritional issues) and if your kid got sick you can also register the date/medication/special comments.

How we built it

We started with some drawings on the board, then we start making views in the same board, and thinking of what we want to place on the app (functionality). _ Then we split so one of the team make the design of the views, the other make the design of the storyboard, and finally the other teammate make the classes and what we should place in them. _ The rest is code + pull + commit.

Challenges we ran into

We consider that making an iOS app is a complete challenge, because swift is changing so fast, that alot of information is outdated, so that's a big problem, but we managed to figure it out.

Also table views are really special, so we gotta be careful on what we place and how we place it + if we want to give a nice design, and an awesome UX, we must practically think in every single view and the way the information should be organized.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • [x] Awesome UX
  • [x] Login / Registration
  • [x] Info Validation
  • [x] Version control
  • [x] Information management
  • [x] Simple UI
  • [x] Excellent Accordance

What we learned

  • [x] UI design
  • [x] Story Board design
  • [x] Database integration
  • [x] Swift 2
  • [x] Sketch 3 (for designing)

What's next for Bambino

  • Web App
  • Android Support
  • Offer a premium account with enhanced capabilities
  • More languages support (Spanish, Italian, etc.)
  • Cloud support
  • Data Encription
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