When I was in Montreal, QC, I realized that a lot of homeless people were wandering around the streets, looking for leftover foods abandoned near the sides of the roads. I still remember to this day how I felt. I was so shocked that there were no proper food banks or charities that are out to help them. This memory is what inspired me to create Balzac.T. I strongly believe that we need a lot of improvements in donations and charities because those people are part of our communities too. Donation processes can be really complex and overwhelming which is also why I wanted to create this app to appear more friendly and easy to users.

How we built it

I built a prototype of Balzac.T using Figma. Wireframes took me about 12 hours and a lot of consideration and brainstorming. I used warm colours like beige and dark green to make the app look friendly and comforting. You can check the wireframes and mock-up on the link attached below! All the illustrations attached are made by an amazing artist, Pablo Stanley.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges I ran into is designing the structure of the app. I was new to the idea of building a prototype of an app that can connect donators and receivers all by myself. However, I broke out of this obstacle by looking up helpful resources online, studying some of the available sources, and polishing my skills. This experience was definitely worth it to me.

  • App design
  • Brainstorming: it took me a while to brainstorm how this app will help all members in our community
  • Working on Figma independently
  • Pushing myself to finish on time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud that I was able to push my limits and create a full functioning prototype in a limited time. With the online resources I had access to, I was able to discover new functions and designs on Figma. I am happy to build a solution to help all community members feel connected and protected.

What we learned

A learned a lot through this great opportunity.. I learned: I learned that nothing is impossible if we push ourselves to our limits. My biggest limit was that I'm a big procrastinator, and it was very challenging for me to stay put and work on the project for a long time. However, I kept motivating myself and was able to finish the prototype in the given time.. so nothing is impossible!!

  • How to develop fast, scalable, and simple app prototype using Figma
  • How to manage our limited time efficiently
  • How to work independently and push limits

What's next for Balzac.T

Since this is only a prototype, I want to develop this into a full-functioning app and publish it online so people who find this app useful, can actually use this in their lives. I also want to spread awareness of how ineffective and malfunctioning current donation processes are and improve them to make a better community for everyone. Also, I want to expand further and create an Android platform/app.

Additionally... I am applying for all categories :) > Experiened Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!!

Built With

  • figma
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