We're not from Baltimore, but we are aware of how high the crime rates are up here. We wanted to be able to share that information in an easy to digest way with others who are actually Baltimore residents.

What it does

It's supposed to take data from this website as it changes and , and use it to

How we built it

We used teamwork and HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

It doesn't work, the project was a little ambitious for a team full of mostly first time hackathon-goers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have some working HTML.

What we learned

How to use CSS and Javascript to make a wesbite

What's next for BaltCrime

We want to have more specific data like time of day and what part of Baltimore that the crimes occurred. It would also be cool to choose some big cities to pull the same type of information from in order to create a different version of the site for every single

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