We developed this website to correct the imbalance between the attention given to the federal government, while the local government gets ignored. The news cycle always focuses on federal news, even the local channels. There is barely any coverage on it, which leaves the majority of voters massively uninformed. Local Election voter turnout can be as low as 22.5%. We wanted to bring attention to the election of these small offices. While the Presidential and Congressional elections are vital, local elections are just as important, especially when it comes to an individual making a change in his or her community. Change takes place from the bottom up.

What it does

You can check when upcoming elections are, current representatives, and where the closest voting center is. By spreading this information in a clean and concise way, we hope to be able to attract a larger amount of voters to really engage in their civic duty.

How we built it

Built using Google's Firebase to host the HTML/CSS files with Javascript for client-side scripting. Android app built using Android Studio. The data is accessed from Google's Civic Information API and Maps API.

Challenges we ran into

API Authorization, implementing multiple dynamically created OnClick listeners

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a functioning web-app and Android app in under 12 hours

What we learned

Front-End web design, using Javascript as a client-side scripting language, using Firebase for the back-end of the website.

What's next for ballot.

Now, we move forward. We want to market this tool wisely, as well as include important legislation, and have more information about candidates. We want this to help move this country to be more engaged in their community.

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